Carlos Ruben
Carlos Ruben
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    Vida Libre

    I admit, Cuba Libre inspired me with the name. Not the drink, but the finger, not in any political sense but along my Camino de la Garnacha the feeling to be free to do what you want, no rules, great wine. Vida Libre red is an ode to the unspoiled views and horizons of the heart of Aragon. The heights of Calatayud offer such beautiful acidity that the winemaker just has to guide nature but not interfere. Free as a bird, Vida Libre!

    • Alcohol percentage

    • Flavours

      Intense deep cherry-red colour. Intense aromas of ripe red cherries and berries. Full well-balanced mouthfeel, ripe sweet fruit, great acidity and soft tannins.
    • Grapes

      Garnacha red
  • Calatayud - Cariñena

Vida Libre is the expression of the lively and purest young Garnacha fruit from the heart of Aragon. Beautiful old bush vines roll up and down the slopes in a dance with the sun. Miles of unspoiled views and Spanish inland nature at its most beautiful. Vida Libre, Viva la Garnacha!