Carlos Ruben
Carlos Ruben

Carlos Rubén

La Voz de la Garnacha



My name is Rubén, Carlos Rubén, winemaker in Spain and my favourite grape is the Garnacha. 

I love all the facets of this unique grape variety, which exists in white, grey and red. It offers plenty of options, which is exactly the feature that my good friend Mark, the high-spirited founder of Master Winemakers, used to challenge me.

To follow the Garnacha trail across Spain and make beautiful wines, originating from a wide range of terroirs.

Mark has dubbed me La Voz de la Garnacha, and it is quite a challenge to live up to such a title, but I immediately felt like giving it my best shot.


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Master Winemakers

Master Winemakers was founded in the magical year 2000, based on the, at the time, renewing idea to make wine tailored to the consumer’s wishes. To have control over every aspect of the wine, from the grape to the end product, including the design and the pre-established price, in consultation with the client. To work with indigenous grape varieties in their terroirs of origin. To not exclude the most peculiar blend, even if it doesn’t follow the rules, because creativity should never be curtailed. You do not receive stars for the ingredients but for the dish!


El Camino

Pure Garnacha only

Mark and I had agreed on the fact that El Camino de la Garnacha should become a range of diversity and expression, with elegance and creativity as cornerstones. Being able to do so without the limitations of both appellations and national borders is a genuine adrenaline shot for winemakers!

This project’s challenge lies in the notion that every terroir or every vinification will determine whether the wine will be a component or a single wine.



Parcela Unica

The Parcela Unica wines come from small plots of Garnacha old bush vines, plots with a very distinct character. You can immediately sense whether a vineyard is exceptional. The view, the location, the land, the old vines staring back at you, the environment, the soft breeze, all the pieces fit immediately. Each year, all you need to do is wait for the delicious fruit and steer it gently. This wine will always be unique, perhaps not necessarily the greatest, but always grand within each vintage.

The Parcela Unica wines are bottled in one single run and the number on the capsule refers to their cadastral register. Based on the way in which the Carlos Rubén project keeps grows, the number of Parcela Unica wines will probably increase as well.