Carlos Ruben
Carlos Ruben

La Voz De La Garnacha

I was born in Ponferrade, in the province of Leon, as the youngest of three brothers and people have called me Rubén my entire life.

After my studies I first worked in Rueda before returning to my home region to make Mencia wines, another powerhouse grape, and I ended up in Bodegas San Alejandro in Calatayud in 1997. This is where I met Mark for the first time, the start of something beautiful.

The challenge was massive, Calatayud was insignificant in the global wine market at the time, but we were able to change that.

Until 2015, I was San Alejandro’s winemaker and in between I had the opportunity to make wines at, for example, Santa Rita in Chile and at Bodegas Salentein in Argentina. The kind of experiences that broaden one’s horizon. And, of course, I took a lot of trips with Mark, across Spain, blending in Argentina, in South Africa, to Austria, to Italy and France. Bring it on, here comes Carlos Rubén!