Carlos Ruben
Carlos Ruben
  • La Cuna

    La Cuna red

    Aragon is the cradle of the Garnacha tinta and three completely different terroirs have each given their name to the same amount of Garnacha appellations: Calatayud, Borja and Cariñena. Since this is the grape variety’s cradle, we have combined the three terroirs to create a unique novelty, La Cuna.



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      Intense cherry red colour. Massive ripe red fruit, very juicy wine with mineral nuances and great balsamic flavours.
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  • Aragon

    Cervera - Ainzon - Longares

I was extremely grateful that the Garnacha trail commenced here in Aragon, which is the cradle of this grape variety. Full of confidence, I immediately snapped out of my twenty-year-old comfort zone, because this was no ordinary feat. This was about firing on all cylinders, looking beyond the safe haven of Calatayud and admitting that it could just as well be one ingredient that was part of a much bigger whole. This is how I came up with the idea of blending the three completely different terroirs of Aragon in one single La Cuna (the cradle) cuvée: Calatayud, Borja and Cariñena.