Carlos Ruben
Carlos Ruben
  • Susplau


    The contrast between Montsant in the southern part of Spanish Catalunya and Estagel in the north of French Catalonia is big, but the complementarity is astonishing. Combining the finesse and the strength of the same grape variety across borders. Decorated with Gaudi’s curving lines, there you go, and please, let us focus on wine instead of all the political conflicts, Susplau.

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    • Flavours

      Floral, ripe red fruit. Mineral and spicy.
  • Catalunya - Occitanie

    Cornudella de Montsant - Estagel (FR)

Next, crossing the French border! Parlez-vous français? In the Roussillon region I was astonished by the Estagel and Maury terroirs. Hijo de...such power, and suddenly all the pieces fit. The soft, silky Estagel wine was extremely complementary with the Montsant finesse. Combining the south of Spanish Catalunya with the northern part of French Catalonia, that is some history in a bottle. Susplau, please, and let us focus on wine instead of all the political conflicts. Dressed in a genuine Gaudi-style label, a genius Catalan!