Carlos Ruben
Carlos Ruben
  • Mil Gotas

    Mil Gotas

    Ever tasted this? Belgian top fondant chocolate with fresh raspberries, a bit of extra virgin olive oil and coarse sea salt flakes. Give it a try and we will provide the perfect partner. The concentration and elegance found in the grapes of 60+ years old Garnacha bush vines on the Priorato terraces is astonishing. Like honey dripping into your glass, Mil Gotas.

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From Batea in the Terra Alta region to famous Priorat is a short journey, but what a change. Deep incised valleys, full of terraced vineyards with thick layers of licorella (slate). Top wine, but was sublime our end goal? I carried this wine with me in my thoughts, but I actually had other plans for it, a void that I also wanted to fill with this mission. In Priorat, I immediately noticed the exceptional power and elegance that would surely grace a sweet red wine. One to accompany Mark’s amazing Belgian chocolate...Mil Gotas.