Carlos Ruben
Carlos Ruben
  • Doble cuerpo

    Doble Garnacha

    Doble Cuerpo

    I couldn’t finish this series without submerging Mark in the Garnacha and believe me, he won’t forget this. We went to the scorching Manchuela region to make a bomba of black Garnacha Tintorera and blend it with the best that my home town of Calatayud has to offer. Together in the barrel to stomp our feet, open fermentation, we let the Garnacha juice paint our two bodies black, blood brothers, Doble Cuerpo.

    • Alcohol percentage

    • Flavours

      Ripe red fruit aromas, mineral, graphite and delicate spices with an elegant balsamic finish.
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  • Aragon - Castilla La Mancha

    Cervera - Ledaña

Then, it was time to start the return trip and leave the Rhône region behind for now, even though the plans still exist, as do a couple of more remote locations. On the way back I was satisfied about all this beauty, but something was still not right. Surely this tour couldn’t be complete without my mentor Mark ending up in a cuvée? The entire time I looked forward to Doble Cuerpo, just wait and see amigo...